Emoticon Johnny Joker Knipoog.jpgHello little jokers! I am Johnny and these are my friends. We're all different and all special in our own way. Would you like to get to know us? Then click on our pictures.

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I am Johnny Joker, a happy and cheeky monkey. I love to tell jokes and play tricks on my friends. Like with my whoopee cushion. I love to have fun and make a mess. I just can't sit still. Sometimes I find it a bit hard to listen to my mother, there are so many great things to do. But hey, I still am a sweet boy. That's why I have a lot of friends.

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My friend Lizzy always wears a crown, just like a real princess. She collects beautiful and crazy things that she finds .. well... everywhere. She likes drawing, painting, dancing and singing. She is very creative and loves playing make-believe. You know, Lizzy is a very special girl and she knows it. Sometimes I don't understand her, especially when she is overreacting. But that's also what I like about her.

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Woody Wan.jpg

Woody Wan is the best. Would you like to beat him? You can give it a try, but it's almost impossible. He's strong and fast, but he wants to become even stronger and faster. But his secret is that he never ever gives up. A funny thing about Woody is that he likes to admire himself in the mirror. He thinks he is so handsome. Sometimes I make jokes about it. But he's a very nice guy. Everybody loves him and so do I.

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Rudy Radar.jpg

Rudy Radar is so not like me! He’s very quiet and can spend the whole day thinking. I find that very impressive! In some ways we are very much the same. He is just as smart and curious as I am and is full of great ideas. If I want to know something, I ask Rudy. He doesn’t want to play with us all the time, he prefers reading a book. But he likes to watch us play from a distance.

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Harry Homey.jpg

I'm sure you will love my friend Harry Homey. He is so sweet! And he has a sweet tooth, too. He bakes cakes and most of the time he carries something to eat with him. Not only for himself, but to share with us, his friends. Because that's what Harry does: caring, sharing en helping. You can call him in the middle of the night and he will still help you. Even if you don't need any help :-) Harry talks and laughs a lot. That will come in handy later when he runs his own restaurant!

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Patty Parfetti.jpg

Did I tell you I have a sister? Her name is Patty Parfetti. We are totally different and not only on the outside. I always make a mess while Patty loves things to be nice and clean. I am chaotic and she has everything organized. Everything has to be perfect for Patty. Sometimes she treats me like she is my mother :-) But I know she means well and only wants to help me. When she's a grown-up she wants to be a teacher. I think she will be the best teacher in the world! In fact, she already is.

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Tony Temperoni.jpg

Nothing and nobody can scare my friend Tony Temperoni. He's a tough guy. He talks quite loud, sometimes it hurts my ears. As Tony is a bit rough, he has a way of damaging things. But not on purpose! That happens to me, too! What I also like about Tony is that the two of us are good at getting ourselves dirty with mud. And of course that he is a sweet guy. He protects us and makes sure nothing happens to us.

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Mammy Mia.jpg

I would like you to meet my mom: Mammy Mia. She is so sweet! She's a good listener, is very patient and she never gets angry with me. She even stays calm when I've made a mess. I learn a lot from her because she lets me discover things myself. She doesn't panic when I do something dangerous or stupid :-) because she knows that things will work out just fine. She really is an angel.

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Wally Wizer.jpg

My grandfather Wally Wizer is very old. He keeps a close eye on Patty, me and our friends. He's very good at grumbling. He always says that things were much better when he was young. On the other hand he's very funny. It's easy to make him laugh, he loves joking as much as I do. And you know what is really funny about him? He farts all the time!

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