Emoticon Johnny Joker Knipoog.jpgLet me tell you more about my books! They help you to tackle your daily hassles.

Books and colours
My range of books is divided into five categories with five different colours. Click the books below to read more.

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Voorlezen Mammy Mia Johnny Joker.jpgLapbooks

My books open top to bottom, just like a laptop! Illustrations are printed on the top page and the text on the bottom page. And you know what? We did this on purpose!

  • The books can be held with one hand. When Mammy Mia reads to me she can use her other hand to support me on her lap or to cuddle me :-)

  • Voorlezen Mammy Mia aan Woody, Lizzy, Johnny en Patty.jpgThe illustration on the top page makes reading to more children at the same time more comfortable. As you can see in the picture we all get a good view!

I think it's important that you can read my books over and over again. That's why they're made of strong cardboard, so even I can't ruin them. A lot of people think that cardboard books are for babies. So not true! Cardboard is cool.

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