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New kid on the block
You probably don't know me as I am the new kid on the block. But that's about to change!

Tackle your daily hassles with me!
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Tooth brushing, eating vegetables or peeing on the potty are things that grown-ups want us -children- to do. But a lot of children don't want to do these things. You get the idea, right? It's the kind of things that can make life difficult for both parents and kids. My books help to tackle these daily hassles in a special and funny way. For all my recipes I use 5 ingredients.

1. Laugh
Like all kids, I just love naughty jokes. I also use humour to deal with things that I find difficult or scary. Therefore my books are full of slapstick and silly jokes.

2. Discover
My mom is very smart. She let's me discover things by doing them, instead of telling me what to do all the time. It makes me smart, too. Street smart that is :-)

3. Create awareness
On some of the book pages, you'll find questions because they can help you to think. For example about the reason why you don't like tooth brushing.... :-) The questions are (difficult word alert) motivational interviewing techniques. Motivational interviewing was developed by intelligent people (psychologists) to help other people to make a change in their life.

4. Share thoughts and feelings
The questions I mentioned before are food for talk: a nice conversation between parent and child. And talking brings people together, it makes them feel closer. And according to our marketing department 'the unique lapbook format also contributes to a more intimate reading experience'. But it's true, because my books are fit for one-handed reading. With the other hand my mom can cuddle me when I sit on her lap.

5. Surprise!
Never a dull moment with me! Because of the original view on important events in children’s lives, my stories are never boring, but always surprising and fun. I just like to do the unexpected.

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