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About Us Zonder Tekst.jpgDr. W. Reiter
His name is on all my books, but no one has ever actually seen the mysterious Dr. W. Reiter. His name represents all the people that are involved in creating the books, games etc. The team consists of illustrators, writers, a translator, editor, teacher, children's coach, a medical doctor and other people that give advise. And of course my good friends of the Johnny Joker Warehouse. They handle your order with care (and enthusiasm).

The folks that had the brilliant idea of bringing me to life, are:
Marnix Hoppener (MD)
Margot Visser (owner minimonkey)
Liza Leijenhorst (medical journalist)

Happy and healthy kids
We believe that self-knowledge helps children to recognize and develop their unique talents. We also believe that social and emotional skills help children to cope with difficulties they face during their lives. In everything we create we support children to discover themselves and trigger their social and emotional skills. We stimulate them to think for themselves so they learn to make better choices. At the end of the day that will make them happy and healthy.

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